Is Septum Smiley Piercing Useful? Detailed Guide – 2022

Septum Smiley Piercing

A septum smiley piercing (also called a frenulum syringe) is a tissue flap piercing that connects your upper lip to the copper inside your upper lip. Need help finding? With your lips closed for smiley piercing, keep your tongue straight in front of your teeth. You should see a thin line of skin between your lips and the copper this is your madness

A septum smiley piercing is so named because as long as you can smile the smiley piercing is not visible. Beautiful piercings make this piercing a fun option for those who want to pierce their lips and mouth a little less, as opposed to other faces.

Because veins are so thin, most people cannot have these smiley piercing. Even the thinnest skin is at high risk of tearing or tearing. Before you decide to get it yourself. Here’s everything you need to know.

Is Septum Smiley Piercing Painful?

is septum smiley piercing painful
Is Septum Smiley Piercing Painful?

You might think that because the drill is so thin, drilling will cause less damage than other types after the smiley piercing. In fact, a thick puncture of the skin is less painful than a thin tissue puncture in smiley piercing . You will have severe pain when the plate breaks during smiley piercing, but it will be tough. It is often said that a smiley piercings hurt than other lip piercing types and less painful than a cartilage smiley piercing .

What is the Healing process of Septum Smiley Piercing?

Healing Process of Septum Smiley Piercing
Healing Process of Septum Smiley Piercing

You can expect to spend 4 to 12 weeks on treatment for septum smiley piercing. Fever is quick to heal, but it is also home to many bacteria, so proper care is the key to speeding up healing time. The healing process for smiling face is not very difficult.

Your biggest challenge in septum smiley piercing is to keep your face clean and avoid damaging the jewelry. Here are some suggestions to assist you with your recovery.

Wash your face with salt or sea salt two or three times a day. A smile instead of a piercing will keep you from sucking on the saline solution like other piercings. Instead, wash your mouth with salt or sea salt, making sure you spend extra time in a confined area of ​​moisture.

There are lotions you can buy specifically for post-piercing care. You should also ensure that you maintain good oral hygiene during the treatment.

Be careful while eating. The septum smiley piercing can be a small part of learning when it comes to food. You don’t want the cavity to be closed or itchy, but since the toothpaste must be large enough to cause inflammation for septum smiley piercing, it can be difficult to stop the cavity. For the first few days, stick to light foods until you get used to the new jewelry.

Try not to play with jewelry. You should never touch the oral cavity. Shaking the jewelry excessively can cause redness and harmful bacteria on your hands. It’s important not to touch with your jewelry..

This will be interesting, as you won’t get used to the new piece, but you’ll have to decide to just leave your jewelry on during the treatment.

Kissing is prohibited. There are many harmful bacteria in your mouth with smiley piercing and without your partner pouring saliva. Mouth-watering kisses during smiley piercing (as long as they’re soft) are fine, but you should avoid French-style kisses until the pores confirm that your brand is completely cured. while smiley piercing.


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What kind of Jewelry is used to make Piercing?

This sort of septum smiley piercing can be done using the following jewellery:

Frenulum ring this type of jewelry for septum smiley piercing is commonly used to create a new smile. The piece is round in shape and is attached with small beads. You can also use round wood to remove jewelry from round iron teeth. The piece is shaped like a horse with a gallon at each end to hold it in place.

Smiley Piercing Jewelry
Septum Smiley Piercing Jewelry

Soft ring (with or without trim). This handy loop for septum smiley piercing can be attached without using a bead to hold it in place. When the piercing is fully healed, you can replace the standard wireless O-ring with a wireless O-ring with additional trim.

What material options are available for your Smiley Jewelry?

Perforation of smiley piercing will also take into account the material options available for your jewelry for smiley piercing , including:

  • Surgical Titanium If you have sensitive skin, a titanium perforation may be recommended.
  • Surgical Stainless Steel although surgical steel is considered hypoallergenic, itching is still possible.
  • Niobium this is another hypoallergenic substance of smiley piercing that is unlikely to be depleted.
  • If you like gold, quality is important. Stand with 14k yellow or silver gold during the healing process for smiley piercing. Gold over 18 carats is not durable, and gold jewelry can cause infections and allergies.

What is the cost of Piercing?

Power Tattoos these septum smiley piercing usually cost between $30 and $90. Some stores charge for jewelry separately. You’ll also need a tape measure to drill into – at least 20% is common. You should also ask the parser about after-care costs, such as saline solution of smiley piercing.

How is Smiley Piercing work?

If the septum smiley piercing adjudicator decides that you are a good candidate for drilling, he or she will begin the process. The main process of smiley piercing is relatively quick, often taking only a few minutes.

Here’s what to expect:

  • • Pores will give you an antibacterial solution to wash your face.
  • • After you clean your mouth, they’ll bring your upper lip back to apply.
  • • The puncture is then made with a sterile needle.
  • • They will pierce the jewelry with through piercing and, if necessary, thread of adaptable pearls to keep the jewelry in place for smiley piercing.

What are the risks of this Piercing?

The smoky area is very sensitive while smiley piercing. If it is prevented incorrectly or taken care of incorrectly, you may experience some serious and uncomfortable side effects.

Risks of Septum Smiley Piercing
Risks of Septum Smiley Piercing

Talk to your coworker about the following risks:

Lost damage- If the smiley piercing is inserted incorrectly, it can lead to gum damage over time. Jewelry placed too high above the gum line or rubbing on copper can damage the copper smiley piercing .

loss of enamel- Large beads and other items in jewelry can interfere with your teeth, which can damage enamel for applying smiley piercing.

Your mouth is a natural breeding ground for the bacteria that you eat and drink. The bacteria can also be introduced through kissing, smoking and other oral activities. Infection is possible if bacteria stay at the puncture site after smiley piercing.

Rejection If your body perceives the jewelry as an intruder while smiley piercing, it may react by creating more skin tissue while smiley piercing to flush out the pores from the vein.

How to change your Smiley Piercing Jewelry?

You should not change your jewelry while smiley piercing until the piercing has completely healed (about three months). The piercer of septum smiley piercing can verify that your jewelry exchange is secure. They can do it for you.

If you opt to replace your jewelry on your own for smiley piercing, be sure to follow these steps:

  • • Wash your face with sea salt or salt solution.
  • • Before touching the region, wash your hands with antibacterial soap.
  • • Carefully remove any available jewelry.
  • • Quickly, but slowly, insert the new jewelry into the slot.
  • • Cut open any suitable pearl or any other type of jewelry.
  • • Rinse your mouth with sea salt or salt.

How to Retire Septum Smiley Piercing?

If you change your mind during the healing process of smiley piercing, talk to your perfumer about removing your jewelry. They can determine whether it is safe to remove smiley piercing before the healing process should be completed.

If they remove your jewelry for smiley piercing, you should continue to clean the area until your itching is completely gone.

The process of smiley piercing is very easy if you want to get rid of drilling after a long time. Simply remove your jewels and the slot will close automatically.

How to Retire Septum Smiley Piercing
How to Retire Septum Smiley Piercing

Talk to a potential piercer

Deciding to get a smile piercing can be a daunting task, but we’ll talk about some famous piercings first. In addition to a quote, they can determine for smiley piercing whether your ribbon is capable of supporting the smiley piercing.

If your veins are very thin for, the septum smiley piercing may indicate another piercing that you will be happy with the long time.

The practitioner should have the right to ask questions about the timing of treatment of smiley piercing, unusual side effects, and your other concerns for smiley piercing.


Is it possible to kiss after getting a smiling piercing?

You cannot kiss with a smiling piercing while it is healing. You can kiss as much as you like once your piercing has healed. All sorts of kissing have the potential to cause problems with your smiling piercing as it heals. The pressure from the lips may cause the piercing to be knocked, which should not be relocated during healing.

Is it possible for boogers to infect a septum piercing?

Yes, the snot will feel like shattered glass on your newly pierced ear. It doesn’t take long for septum piercings to heal. It is critical to treat with any piercing infections or allergies as soon as possible!

Is it possible to cover a smiling piercing?

I suggest avoiding piercings until you’re of legal drinking age because they’re dangerous and you’d have to hide them anyhow. You can have the piercing as an adult, but you can’t change the jewellery until the piercing heals, so you can’t put clear retainers in right away.


Finally, I have explained you everything about what is septum smiley piercing, its cost, about healing process, risks of piercing, and its jewelry.

Thanks for reading our post!

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