Rhino Piercing: A Complete Care & Guide You Need to Know 2022

rhino piercing

One of the most unusual forms of body alteration is the rhino piercing. Even while piercings and body alterations are becoming more and more acceptable by society, there are still numerous varieties of piercings that the great majority of the public does not know about. Certainly, the rhino piercing is one of those things.

Since most of the people have multiple piercings of their own, they were intrigued to learn more about these new piercings.

As a result, it’s difficult to discover information regarding rhino piercing, the method of piercing, aftercare, and just basic information about what to anticipate with a rhino online.

That’s where this post comes in!

In this post, we’ll go over what a rhino piercing is and how it’s done, as well as how much it will cost, how to care for it, and what the potential risks are.

Researching which type of piercing is best for you can be a difficult and time-consuming process. My goal is to speed up the process and help you gain a better understanding about your new piercing!

What is Rhino Piercing?

Despite the fact that rhino nose piercings have a variety of names and variants, they are always pierced into the cartilage of the nose.

Other Names or Variations of Rhino Piercing

The other names or variations of this Rhino Piercing are as follows:

  • Vertical Nose Piercing
  • Deep Rhino Piercing
  • Half-Vertical Nose Piercing
  • Nasallang Piercing

Rhino Piercing or Vertical Nose Piercing

In this style, the cute rhino piercing passes from the bottom of the nose all the way to the top. A large portion of cartilage in the tip of your nose may be pierced with this piercing since it’s placed before most of the important cartilage in your nose.

Rhino Piercing or Vertical Nose Piercing
Rhino Piercing or Vertical Nose Piercing

A gap may be felt between the two parts of the cartilage in your nose when you press your finger on the tip of it. This is the tissue that is used to pierce the rhino.

The horizontal Rhino Piercing is also available but it is same as this type of piercing.

The most frequent type of vertical nose tip piercing or Rhino Piercing jewellery is a curved barbell.

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Deep Rhino Piercing

Rhino piercing that extends from the tip of your nose all the way up to the surface of the head is known as a double rhino piercing.

Deep Rhino Piercing
Deep Rhino Piercing

Your piercing may have to be off-center due to the shape of your nose and the depth at which you want your deep rhino to sit.

This is due to the fact that the cartilage becomes significantly more complicated as you move up the structure of the nose.

There is a tiny strip of cartilage between the two portions of your nose that cannot be pierced, therefore you must pierce it on one side or the other.

Getting a deep rhino before the central cartilage stretches is also acceptable, but it means that you won’t be able to get as far up your nose.

Because there is so much more tissue to pierce, this piercing is likely to be more painful than a normal Rhino.

Additionally, this piercing is a lot more difficult and should only be done by highly-trained piercers. A straight barbell is a frequent piece of deep rhino piercing jewellery.

Septril piercing or Half-Vertical Nose Piercing

The septril piercing and cute rhino piercings are often mistaken for one another, which is why we decided to include them in this page about rhino nose piercings.

Septril piercing or Half-Vertical Nose Piercing
Septril piercing or Half-Vertical Nose Piercing

It is also known as half vertical nose tip piercing or half vertical tip nose piercing.

A septril is a combination of a septum piercing and a female rhino piercing, although it’s not exactly the same thing. Instead of coming out the top of your nose somewhat like rhino piercing, this piercing is only visible on the bottom of your nose.

The other side of the septril piercing comes out of one of your nostrils, where a septum piercing would typically go.

A 14 gauge septum would need to be expanded to a 0 gauge, or six sizes larger, in order to accomplish this goal.

Since it takes months to correctly and safely extend the septum piercing, this is a very difficult and dangerous piercing.

As a result, I do not suggest this piercing for those who are just starting out. In order to get the best results, you’ll need a detailed piercing strategy with your selected piercer as well as a lot of patience.

Nasallang Piercing

The septum is pierced by a nasallang unisex piercing. There’s literally only one nostril that it goes through. A tri-nasal piercing is the result.

Nasallang Piercing
Nasallang Piercing

Nearly all nasallang piercings use a single, sterile needle.

Expectations during Piercing Process

It will be similar to every other piercing technique in general. Before getting this piercing done, I want to highlight the need of consulting a professional.

There are many types of rhino piercings, and beginner piercers may not know how to handle this piercing safely and correctly.

Deep rhinos, in particular, need an in-depth understanding of the nose’s structure and how to alter piercings to protect the cartilage.

Getting a new piercing is often as simple as walking into the shop, getting an appointment, and walking out 10 minutes later.

That is not the case here.

Set up an appointment with a piercer and phone around to see whether they are comfortable with piercing a rhino.

To ensure that this piercing is done correctly, seek for a skilled, well-rated, and extremly professional piercer.

There are a few things that are more important than everything else when it comes to risk-taking and self-piercing (which I do not encourage).

It’s never a good idea to attempt it on oneself at this point in time Get this piercing done by a professional.

As far as procedures go, you may expect the same as usual. Look around the store once you arrive and make sure it’s somewhere you’d feel comfortable spending time.

If your piercer’s work area is clean and ready to go, you’ll know it’s ready to go. Opening the needles just before piercing is the proper procedure to follow. Don’t be afraid to follow out of your appointment if you have a bad feeling about this shop.

This is true even if you are already sitting at a table with the piercing marked. If anything doesn’t seem right, look for a new piercing artist.

A sterile marker will be used to indicate your entry and exit locations once you’ve settled in. The piercing should be placed exactly here if that’s what you desire.

If you wish to make any adjustments, here is your final chance. The piercing will begin as soon as you have chosen a location.

In most cases, piercing tongs may be used to pierce the desired location, but with this piercing, physically that isn’t really an option, which is why an expert piercer should be checked out.

It’s more likely that the piercer will quickly take the cylindrical piercing needle and thread it through your nose to the indicated exit point on the outside. It’s going to be a pain.

Female Rhino piercings require a significant amount of tissue to be pierced, regardless of the style you choose. That causes more agony and a much longer piercing time.

Even while it will just take a fraction of the time of a regular piercing, the experience will be unique for you. As soon as the needle is in your skin, you’re good to go!

In order to get things started, the piercer will insert your selected jewellery into your new piercing.

How much does a Rhino Piercing Costs?

In all honesty, it’s not the easiest thing to predict how this will vary from one region to another.

Because this is such a rare piercing, it is difficult to find out how much it will cost. To get a quote from your piercer, you’ll need to meet with them in person.

It will be more highly priced than other nose piercings due to the fact that it is a more difficult procedure and requires a more customised piece of jewellery.

The jewellery is also bigger, which means it will cost more in the long run. I’d estimate the price of the jewellery alone to be somewhere in the neighbourhood of $1,600.

  • $60 to $100 in United States.
  • $40 to $80 in England.
  • $30 to $70 in Europe.

Obviously, these are just approximate estimates, and the final cost will be determined solely by your piercer, who may charge significantly more or less based on factors like as location and expertise.

Because of the difficulty involved, remember that you get what you pay for in terms of the quality of the piercing.

Pros and Cons of Rhino Piercings

This has been a lot to consider. In order to ease your confusion, I’ll go through some of the basics of rhino piercings so that you don’t have to worry about them all at once.


  • Unique body art for sure.
  • Style appearance that conveys badassery at every turn.
  • Looks good on everyone, regardless of gender.
  • Various options to fit your personal style
  • Different experience for even the most energetic of all piercing enthusiasts.


The cons of nose piercings are as follows:

  • Piercings of this level require a highly skilled piercing artist.
  • Cartilage makes healing more difficult.
  • Healing carries a higher risk of problems.
  • The length of the piercing makes it a painful experience.

These are the rhino piercing or nose piercing pros and cons.


How painful is the Rhino Piercing?

It’s quite rare to see rhino piercings.As if that wasn’t bad enough, it’s also often regarded a painful piercing.

What is the Weirdest place to get a Piercing?

The weirdest piercing are as follows:
1. bridge piercing
2. Tongue piercing
3. Gauged lip piercing
4. Upper lip piercing
5. Corset piercing
These are the weirdest place to get a piercing.

How long does a rhino piercing take to heal?

It might take anywhere from six to nine months for a rhino piercing to to heal. The thicker the tissue, the longer it takes to recover from a nose piercing on the upper part of the nose.


Ultimately, it’s up to you whether or not this piercing is good for you. Ask yourself if you’d look well in it, if you’re capable of taking care of it, and if you’d be able to deal with the pain it would cause.

I wouldn’t recommend the rhino piercing to first-timers, but if you insist on getting one, go for it! I won’t let you down!

That’s pretty punk, right there!

But if this more extreme piercing is something you’re ready for and certain you can take, I think this piercing is absolutely unique and an excellent addition to any piercing collection.

Having a piercing is a great way to express your individuality, and remember that the discomfort is only temporary.

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