What Hair Color goes with Green Eyes? [25+ Best Ideas]

hair color goes green eyes

Do you know what hair color goes with green eyes to be the most distinctive eye color in the world? Yes! It’s a green eye color. Apart from being distinctive, it’s the most sought-after color for the eyes. The beautiful green eye is always appreciated by all regardless of where you live. Because the hair color compliments the color of your eyes, we’ll discuss the most suitable hair color goes with green eyes.

Gorgeous green eyes often get uncertain about choosing appropriate and beautiful hair shades. It’s a nagging task, but a simple guideline can help you solve the problem. We’ve got a broad range of hair shades for eyes with green eyes, from traditional shades to fantasy hues you’ll want to test.

These colors for hair will assist you in recreating your appearance as stunning and even more gorgeous. All hair colors are suitable for eyes with green, and you should think about them as a possibility. Below is an array of hair color combinations that will look gorgeous with green eyes. Then you can choose your preferred one.

26 Best Ideas on What Hair Color goes with Green Eyes That You Need to Consider

Red Hair Color

If you’re looking for the best hair colors for eyes with green eyes, red is the most popular and best option. Green and red are a perfect match in the wheel of color, and no other shade can do the same for green. Red and all colors of red can be options that don’t require you to think about anything at all. You can simply look cool-toned in red hair with stunning green eyes and show off your fashion.

We have noticed that redheads are more likely to wear green lenses to look more fashionable. Therefore, we can have a combination of red and green, and it’s also a great hair shade for those with brown skin when you have dark skin tones with green eyes.

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Butterscotch Hair Color

The butterscotch-colored, warm brown hair is interspersed with golden highlights, creating that dimension that everybody appreciates.

Your eyes will appear stunning with this gorgeous butterscotch color. Butterscotch hair coloring with a Light Golden Brown shade is the perfect complement to your skin thanks to its honey, caramel and golden brown shades.

Dark Chocolate Hair Color

Darker and warmer shades of chocolate hair make the perfect complement to the green eye color of your eyes. Chocolate shades such as dark brown chocolate colors, lighter brown chocolate and black chocolate can complement your stunning green eyes, and they are great to wear. This look can dramatically brighten your face and is highly effective for people with olive-toned complexions.

Auburn Hair Color

The auburn shade looks stunning if you’ve got green eyes and thick hair with a textured texture. The red hair with an auburn hue can range from reddish-brown to dark ginger shade. There are numerous hair hues with an auburn color, but a reddish-brown shade usually identifies them. It’s similar to the hue that is characteristic of Titian hair.

A fascinating fact about the color auburn is that it’s located in the opposite direction of the color wheel, which makes it the perfect contrast for eyes with green eyes. The shades of auburn are strawberry red, reddish-brown, blonde orange, and blonde red.

Black Hair and Green Eyes

As we all know, dark hair is a universal shade that works well with every eyeshade. Black is, however, an enticing contrast with green eyes that make your appearance pop. If you are naturally dark-haired and have green eyes you should be leaning towards the look. Additionally, you can add some elegance to your appearance by having long black hair, which looks stunning with green eyes.

Platinum Blonde Hair Color

The challenge of changing your hair’s color is like finding the right color that best suits your style and face. When you embark on this journey, it is vital to make the correct hair color choice. Platinum Blonde hair shade is among the most desired choices. The perfect color for you is the platinum hue if you prefer to keep your relaxed style.

Gray Hair Colors with Green Eyes:

Gray is a relaxing and simple color, and it’s refreshing and straightforward. However, if you’re blessed with sparkling eyes, it’s ideal to choose gray hair. If you’ve got green eyes and think about gray hair, you can add some light and darks to this color. This will give you a more attractive style and appear more appealing and cool. There is even the scent of lavender.

Hair Colors in Russet With Green Eyes

Russet is a mix of reddish-brown hue, and it’s more like the fall leaves color. Consider the way autumn leaves appear when paired with green spring leaves, and imagine the green eyes you would see with russet hair color. The warm highlights of cinnamon can be an elegant accent to your appearance.

Hair Colors in Russet With Green Eyes-What Hair Color goes with Green Eyes
What Hair Color goes with Green Eyes

Ash Brown’s Hair Color

Ash brown hair is an ashy tone that is cool and is a modern variant that is brunette-colored. The mix of brown hair with green eyes highlights the best qualities. Apart from being multidimensional, the hair color is a popular choice for those who have fair or medium skin tones with cool undertones.

Pretty Pink Hair Color

Red is the opposite of green in the wheel of colors, and the reverse color is usually complementary. Thus, picking red or shades of red, like the color pink against green eyes, is an excellent choice. Always think about pastel pink hair colors and green eyes to look gorgeous.

Green Eyes With Green Hair

Your Green eyes may turn greener by dyeing your hair green, giving an energetic look. Additionally, green hair will bring positive energy to the surroundings.

Warm Blonde

You’ll find many shades on the color list for warmer blonde hair shades. The range of colors is from golden blonde to honey blonde hues and even Ambre blonde hair shades. A warm blonde hair shade combined with green eyes can create a person’s appearance. Furthermore, it lets you express yourself more freely.

Oil Slick Hair Color with Green Eyes

Not sure if you’re ready for a hair dye from the root to the tip, yet would like an accent of rainbow colors with your gorgeous eyes? If you’re looking for an exciting new color for your green iris, an oil slick is a perfect choice. The color is a mix of various shades of the oil spill, and it can make your appearance glittering. Take a look at this oil-slick hair color if you’re looking to get an effective transformation.

Copper Hair Color

The copper hair color adds a little sparkle and shines in your hair. Hair with a coppery hue and sparkling green eyes will always be sure to make you appear majestic. In addition, the copper shade of hair can be paired with all colors of eyes regardless of whether they are blue, black or green.

Black-Brown Hair Color

Hair color is not a good idea; picking two can be more enjoyable. Combining brown with a hint of black creates a chic style. To get the advantages of brown while still retaining the characteristics of black, request the stylist for a hint of black to the color. With a gorgeous brownish-black color, you can create amazing haircuts. If done with stunning eyes of green, you’ll get the best results.

Highlights in Caramel with Green Eyes

Highlights in caramel offer warm tones with subtle undertones. Green eyes are always highlighted by the warm hair coloring, which is the case for highlights in caramel. Furthermore, caramel hair color’s lighter tones aid in volume appearance and make your hair shine and sparkle because it reflects light beautifully.

Purple Hair color and Green Eyes

Think about a dark shade of purple as a hair color that is a perfect match for your green eyes when you’re looking to change your appearance. You’ll appear more attractive when you have purple hair. Many actors and famous people opt for the combination of green eyes and purple hair to appear more attractive.

Combination of Black and Gold Hair Color

The gold and black colors are an enticing combination. They are two opposite colors, and they work well together when mixed. Mix hair colors and green eyes to get the best results. Apart from being a perfect match, gold can add further life to green eyes.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold hair color with the base color of auburn is stunning when paired with eyes of green. Imagine gorgeous eyes and gorgeous green eyes with stunning rose gold hair. It’s a perfect match-up. In addition, the vibrant blend of golden blonde and pink makes it a gorgeous shine. It was the most fashionable combination just a few years ago. However, it appears to be making an appearance. You can go for the glowing hair and the green eyes.

Platinum Rose Gold Hair Color

The accurate color of platinum rose gold isn’t the platinum hue, and it is a mixture of a blonde color with a red. The platinum rose gold is among the most popular hair colors with a gorgeous feminine look.

Golden Blonde Hair Color

The golden blonde color of hair is a blend of golden, honey and buttery blonde shades, and it is, therefore, an ombre hair color. When you are wearing gold hues, you feel the warmth of the luxuriant precious hair. The golden blonde glow can be maintained with the proper care and good hair products. In addition to making the gold flecks of green eyes, the warmer blonde hues look stunning against tan skin.

Blonde Ombre Hair Color for Green Eyes

Just 2 percent of the population on earth have naturally blonde hair. But, every third woman nowadays is sporting blonde hair coloring due to artificial coloring and dyeing. Blonde ombre hair colors will brighten your hair and create the focal point of brightness towards your ends. Contrasting with green iris colors, a blonde ombre hair color will never disappoint you.

Ash Blonde Hair Color

Ash Blonde has unique complementary features that are complemented by green eyes. The hair color will give your hair a smooth and cool appearance, with hints of grey, and there is a hint of smoky blonde hair color with dark roots. If you want to appear stunning, relaxed and calm can opt for the ash blonde hair and eyes that are green.

Neon Hair Color with Green Eyes

Dying your hair using neon colors isn’t something you can do easily. It’s not easy, but it is among the current trends in hair. By combining these two styles, you’ll be able to rock your hair like an emcee. It is recommended to visit a salon and get your hair in a new neon color.

Blackberry Hair Color

The latest trends in winter hair colors include hair with blackberry. This hair color is an attractive purple hue highlighted by dark black and dark roots. Combining this hair color with green eyes can give a great appearance, giving an ethereal look with light and dark shades from the root to the tips.

hair color goes with green eyes
Blackberry Hair Color

Combination of Red with Gold Hair

The color red is thought to be the source of beauty, and in the same way, the golden color is the one that enhances the beauty. If you’ve got green eyes, Red hair with a golden tinge can give you a gorgeous appearance. The colors green and red complement each other, and it’s not necessary to think about the color you prefer.


Good hair color can add an extra dimension to your appearance and affects how you appear. Now, I think you had completely know what hair color goes with green eyes? Also, the hue of the hair has to match the color of your eyes. Numerous scientific and biological theories indicate that our hair is the exact color that matches the color of our eyes.

However, many other colors could be an excellent complement to the color of your eyes. There is a chance to fall into a trap when you do not consider your eye color before selecting your hair color. This is why you should be discerning in choosing the color of your new hair.

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