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Saru Name Tattoos Art is a wordless expression that bring memories to life, regardless of its existence. Tattoos are a way to represent these. They are inked on the person’s skin. This form of representation can also be an addiction for someone who’s been searching for ways to voice out. Saru NameTattoos are one of them.

Different cultures have different forms or ways to represent their own culture and tattoos that represent ancient stories might just be the perfect one.

One of the most famous types of tattoos belong to the Japanese. They strongly depict their history through the animals. Few of the most famous ones are

  • Ryu tattoo – symbolised with dragon tattoo
  • Kappa tattoo– symbolised as the Japanese turtle tattoo
  • Koi tattoo– symbolised as the fish tattoo
  • Tengu tattoo– they are Japanese supernatural or ghost tattoos
  • Saru tattoo– symbolised as the Japanese monkey tattoo

Not only different animals or depictions are used but also different colours represent different emotion within the tattoo. Also adam and eve tattoo ideas, hummingbird tattoo designs are also good and attractive tattoo.

The speciality of the Japanese tattoos are they speak a 1000 thoughts just by looking at them.

Although there are many other animals or designs that represent the ancient times, one such form that represents the Japanese ancient folklore are the Saru name tattoos.

Today we will look into saru name Tattoos.

What are Saru Name Tattoos

Saru name tattoos are one of the more interesting and captivating Japanese mask tattoos. Saru name tattoos are an underappreciated design that has a lot to offer, and we’ll show you why.

Take a look at these Saru name tattoos and get some monkey ink! Saru name tattoos are a popular and eye-catching Japanese tattoo.

Saru Name Tattoos
Saru Name Tattoos

It is also know as japanese monkey tattoo meaning is tatoo with monkey face.

However, Saru, the monkey mask, is a less popular mask style. Saru name tattoos are one of the more interesting and captivating Japanese mask tattoos.

What is the origin of the Saru Character?

As with many other characters from Japanese mythology, the Saru we know and love today is a synthesis of several old components.

The Japanese adopted parts of the Chinese characters for “monkey” in order to spell the term correctly.

The Chinese Shinto belief in Sun Wukong, the monkey deity or monkey king, was also adopted into Monkey worship in Japan, which had already been merged with Buddhist concepts at that point.

The History of Saru

The word “Saru” simply means monkey in Japanese. They belong to the Traditional Japanese theatrical form Noh, often spelled No, is one of the world’s oldest extant dramatic forms.

Noh, whose name comes from the Japanese word n, which means “talent” or “skill,” is not like Western narrative theatre.

Noh performers, rather than being actors or “represents” in the Western sense, are merely storytellers who utilise their visual appearances and gestures to suggest rather than portray the substance of their tale.

the history of saru
The History of Saru

Little “happens” in a Noh drama, and the overall impression is more of a visual simile or metaphor than a live action.

The educated audience is familiar with the plot of the storey and is more interested in the symbols and subtle allusions to Japanese cultural history included in the words and motions.

Masks are incredibly significant in Noh, and only the main character wears them. The mask elevates the play to greater heights and involves its audience well into the act.

The mask of a particular character is like a magical power for a Noh actor.

The wooden Saru mask was worn in the Kyogen theatre, which was frequently a satirical work that reflected on the art form itself.

Sarugaku was the name given to Noh and Kyogen when they performed together, and the performers were given the same name. Masks are a integrated part of the Japanese culture.

Who does Saru Name Tattoo represent?

Monkeys are an important part of the ancient history no matter which culture. Monkeys are known for their hostility, which is a universal trait. On the one hand, the monkey is a sly joker who can be pompous at times.

While on the other hand, they are regarded as immensely spiritual. The monkeys are also known as the messengers for gods. Another creature that is also considered a messenger is the humming bird. Although their small size the positive impact and the good luck and other positive vibes shown by humming bird makes it as important as the monkey for the messenger to gods.

what does saru name represent
What does Saru Name Tattoo represent?

The character of monkeys can be best described as the behaviour of the humans now.

Sun Wukong is a Chinese figure whose name means “Great Sage Who Is like Heaven.” The king of all the monkeys is sun wokong.

Sun Wukong’s popularity and adaptability have been aided by his universal appeal.

He often served as Buddha’s bodyguard and was an ardent follower of his teachings.

The Saru mask that is the monkey could symbolise your devotion to the monkey god, your determination to defeat the monkey spirit, or your mischievous spirit!

Although the outlook and the type of audience have changed over time the role of Saru as the comedian has remained the same.


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Saru Mask Tattoos

Saru mask tattoos can be done in a variety of ways, but they are most commonly done in the traditional or old school tattoo style.

Each tattoo has its own meaning like sun wukong tattoo meaning and many more  it is diverse in its own way. Traditionally the tattoos were used for spiritual purpose or to show their social status.

Later they became a form of art that voices an opinion without word. Which other character suits better for this purpose than Saru.

And that is how the Saru masks have become an ideal part of the tattoo design journey.

Among all the Saru tattoos the design of sun wukong’s is chosen the most due to its charisma.

Saru tattoos are often Noh masks, but they can be confused with Son-gyoja, the Japanese version of the Monkey King.

Just like the spirituality is depicted through the Saru, humming bird tattoos another tattoo that shows a similar spiritual meaning are the dam and eve tattoo.

They were regarded as the creators of humans on earth but later became mortal.

One idea can be represented in different ways through different perspectives and ideologies.

On that note Saru is not just one expression mask. It also contains different expressions meaning based on the way they were understood.

saru mask tattoos
Saru Mask Tattoos

Tattoos empower you in standing out, discovering and expressing yourself. So, if you’re considering having one, you should go ahead and do it.

They are nothing short of a miracle. Choosing a historical one might add a lot of value and importance.


What are the Japanese Tattoo rules?

Traditionally, Japanese tattooing is distinguished by its boldness and legibility, which leaves no doubt about what is portrayed in the tattoo. This is accomplished by the use of bold line work, great contrast, and a background that complements and contrasts the foreground.

Is it illegal to get a Tattoo in Japan?

While tattoos are not banned in Japan, there is a severe societal stigma attached to them. Those who have them are frequently barred from beaches, gyms, and swimming pools.

Why do the Japanese dislike Tattoos?

The present stigma surrounding tattoos stems partly from the link of ink with Japanese organised criminal syndicates, or Yakuza. These views, however, may be traced back to the Edo era (1603-1868), when offenders were punished with tattoos.

Can Foreigners join the Yakuza?

No, not in any meaningful manner, is the response. Yamato-Damashi—the ancient, and xenophobic, Japanese warrior spirit—is more important to organised criminal gangs in Japan than anything else. Because you’re a foreigner, you’re the issue.


Saru Name tattoos can be done in a variety of ways, but they are most commonly done in the traditional or old school tattoo style.

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