[23+ Trendy] Jumbo Box Braids Hairstyles to Get Inspired


Jumbo box braids are significant hair trends that are taking over the world. They look fantastic, and they are super easy to achieve. Check out these 25 hottest jumbo boxes braided hairstyles if you want to try this trend.

Jumbo box braiding is a technique where you braid sections of hair into a large, rectangular shape. This style looks great on short or long hair. The most significant advantage of this style is that it takes less time to create than other styles.

Aside from that, these sultry, adaptable braids can be twisted up into any hairstyle you like! Remember to keep up with a daily moisturizing practice for better health and more beautiful outcomes.

With these eye-catching pieces cascading down your back, you’ll feel like a diva! For your following protective style, check out these fantastic gigantic boxes of braided hairstyles to try!

#1. Jumbo Box Braids with Star Accessorization

Jumbo Box Braids with Star Accessorization

The essence of beauty is simplicity, and this gigantic box braids style adheres to that rule to the letter. Opt for these simple black jumbo braids if you don’t want to go overboard with your protective style.

You can style them by pulling the ones in the front-back into their natural position. Accessorize with a few star beads to bring glitz and glam to your entire ensemble.

#2. Jumbo Box Braids in a Gleaming Brown Finish

Jumbo Box Braids in a gleaming brown finish

It’s incredible how drastically changing your hair color can alter your overall appearance. This gigantic box braids style would work great if you’re looking for a fresh start and want to match your hairstyle to your new outlook.

Make a half bun out of your jumbo box braids and wrap them up with some glossy brown extensions to create a gorgeous hair appearance.

#3. Blunt Cut Off Box Braid Pattern

Blunt Cut Off box braid pattern

What’s the point of dressing protectively if you’re not going to experiment with it, right? So here’s something you might be interested in. Instead of attempting to achieve tapered, natural-looking ends, fasten the ends of your giant braids using hair elastics a couple of inches before the end of the braid.

Cut off the stops in an even fashion to give them a blunt-cut appearance. Style these gigantic braids in a long bob style to give you an edgy, fashion-forward appearance.

#4. Half Up Long Ponytail Braids

Half up long ponytail Braids

Simple steps such as pulling half of your typical braided hair up into a ponytail and letting the remainder of your hair hang down towards your shoulder can achieve this look.

#5. Gold Beaded Spaced Box Braids

Gold Beaded spaced box braids

It is effortless to become disinterested in them when you get basic giant box braids within a few weeks. Place them on your braids wherever and whenever your heart desires. Watch as your straight hairstyle transforms into something quite extraordinary!

With the help of a few gold bead accessories, you may breathe fresh life into your protective look.

#6. Ponytail Jumbo Box Braids with Red Accents

Ponytail Jumbo Box Braids with Red Accents

Tie your gigantic box braids into a basic high ponytail to keep them out of your face on hot days or when you’re working out. You may be confident that no one will be able to take their gaze away from you!

Adding some red accent extensions to your braids and styling them with ribbons and silver beads, on the other hand, will take this basic look to the next level.

#7. Jumbo Box Braids in a Variety of Colors

Jumbo Box Braids in a Variety of Colors

Are you returning to school and looking to add a splash of color to your hairstyle? Then get your hands on some brightly colored and begin to work!

Use these vibrant threads wrapped in a zigzag pattern to accent some of your braids and tie them up in a half bun to create a lively and youthful hairstyle.

#8. Criss Cross Accented Jumbo Box Braids

Criss Cross Accented

Using colored thread to enhance your plain jet-black jumbo box braids is easy to inject a little glitz into your otherwise simple look. Accent some of your braids with gold and copper threads that have been twisted in a zigzag pattern around them to provide a royal touch to your hairstyle.

#9. Burgundy Big Spaced Box Braids

Burgundy big spaced box braids

There is a reason why people like to dress darkly and mysteriously. It’s because it’s just sultry as hell. If that’s the appearance you’re going for, a burgundy shade in your protective style can work wonders for your complexion.

To achieve a stunning hairstyle, choose burgundy gigantic box braids with triangle partings and gold accents, such as this one.

#10. Long Braided Cornrow with a Hat

Long Braided cornrow with a hat

If you are an outgoing woman who enjoys the sun, this outfit is well worth your time. This haircut will prevent your hair from sun damage while also making you appear fashionable.

#11. Jumbo Box Braids Side Part

Jumbo box braids side part

Just because you’re trying for a protective style doesn’t mean you have to go crazy and over the top with it, as some belief. This is especially significant if you work for a company that does not approve of people with colored hair.

So, what are your options? Alternatively, you could choose some simple black giant box braids parted on one side to create a beautiful and elegant hairstyle.

#12. Navy Blue big Spaced-Out Box Braids

Navy Blue big spaced-out box braids

The colors you choose for your braids should not draw too much attention to themselves if you want to make a subtle statement with your hairstyle. These navy-blue gigantic box braids are smooth and beautiful in their natural state.

However, when exposed to light, they spring to life and make you appear as if you are an absolute angel.

#13. Jumbo Box Braids Long Bob Accessorized

Jumbo Box Braids Long Bob Accessorized

Even though long hair is a classic, bob hairstyles have a certain appeal. Jumbo box braids in a long bob look like they came right off the catwalk! Complete the look by accessorizing with silver jewelry, and you’re good to go!

#14. Spiral Accented Box Braids with Side Part

Spiral Accented box braids with side part

Take your gigantic box braids to a whole new level with this embellished style that will be remembered for years to come. Make a start by dividing your gigantic box braids into diamond-shaped partings to give them some dimension.

Add a couple of braids in a bright red tone to give your look a splash of brightness. Finalize your beautifully fierce look by accessorizing the braids with some gold bead and spiral accents to bring everything together.

#15. Texturized Jumbo Box Braid Parting Pattern

Texturized jumbo box braid parting pattern

You may undoubtedly experiment with different hues when styling your huge box braids. However, there is another way to experiment with your style in this setting. You can experiment with different textures!

To achieve a fashion-forward hairstyle, you can choose some texturized box braids highlighted with red extensions and tied into a half-bun for a more casual appearance.

#16. Jumbo Box Braids with Three Strands Back

Jumbo Box Braids with three strands back

You are not required to keep up with the rugged look all of the time. This is your option if you’re looking for a stylish and whimsical appearance.

#17. Triangular Parted Sections

Triangular Parted Sections

Jumbo box braids are trendy right now, as we all know. But did you know that there’s another technique to make them look even more stunning than they already are? A parting that has an interesting pattern to it!

You can use this tremendous triangular pattern to create an edgy hair look with gigantic box braids because your detachments are so prominent in this style.

#18. Asymmetrical Lobs Box Braids to the Side

asymmetrical lobs box braids to the side

In all likelihood, every woman has had or at least fantasized about having a lob at some point in her life. And if you’ve already tried lobs, this asymmetrical lob may be the next hairstyle you want to try.

#19. Middle Part Jumbo Box Braids

Middle part jumbo box braids

Creating the partings for your enormous box braids might be a difficult task, especially if you’re new to the process. Splitting your hair into a simple square and diamond patterns is one thing.

However, these spider web partings take your style to another excellent level. Add some brown accent braids to your outfit, and tie half of your hair up in space buns to show your hip style.

#20. Violet Large Box Braids Styles

Violet large box braids styles

Unleash your inner goth woman and rock some awesome dark gigantic box braids to show the world who you are. A dark violet color palette will best complement your emo demeanor. Make a triangular parting pattern with your hair to create a bare but stunning hairstyle.

#21. Braids with Multi-Highlighted Strands

Braids with multi-highlighted strands

These Braids are the perfect alternative for those who like to experiment with different colors. It complements any skin tone and may be accessorized with various jewelry pieces.

#22. Pink and Blue Jumbo Braids Hairstyles

Pink and Blue jumbo braids hairstyles

Replace your drab old black and brown hairstyles with some brightly colored hair extensions to give your look a quirky, youthful feel. You’ll be the party’s life and the center of attention wherever you go with these brick-patterned gigantic braids adorned with cotton candy pink and electric blue extensions.

#23. Bun Jumbo Box Braid’s Middle Part

Bun jumbo box braid’s middle part

Your huge box braids fly everywhere, and you don’t want that! It’s not a problem. Tuck the ends of your hair into a giant top bun that you may wear while lounging around the home or with a fancy dress to a wedding.

Incorporate some accent braids in bright hues such as blonde and red into your bun style to give it extra punch.

#24. Half-Updo Bun Side Part

Half-updo bun side part

We’ve already talked about the topknot; this hairstyle is half up-do bun Braids and half braids. Make a bun out of half of your hair and let the remainder of your hair fall towards your shoulders.

#25. Jumbo Box Braids in Blue Ombre

Jumbo Box Braids in Blue Ombre

What’s the best part about wearing gigantic box braids, you might ask? One advantage is that you may still sport the current hair coloring trends without causing any damage to your natural hair!

If you want to look thoroughly baller, you could rock these blue ombre gigantic box braids in a half-up style.


How long do box braids look good?

The lifespan of jumbo box braids is about three to five months. You can extend it if you take good care of it. Using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner will help grow your braids’ lifespan. Once you wash the braids, clean each braid individually and not do a mass washing.

When you braid the hair for the second and third time, use hair oils to keep the braids from being dry and itchy. You can also protect your hair from getting damaged by not wearing too tight braids. Make sure you leave a little space between the scalp and the braids so the hair can breathe.

Is hair growing when braids become loose?

It is. Braids were never intended to be permanent. They were meant to be a protective hairstyle while your hair is in the growth phase. When you remove them, you will see that your new growth is strong, healthy, and more beautiful.

If you wonder what to do with your braids, you can use the same protective style until your hair grows enough to be braided. Also, you can use your braids as a protective hairstyle again whenever the next growth phase comes.

What is the number of braids in jumbo box braids?

There are no actual numbers on how many braids are in one box. It varies. For example, the size of the box and the length of the hair (they all have varying lengths, some shorter, some longer). If you want to know how many braids you might need, take a look at the hanging tags in the store or online.

The Bottom Line:

We hope that this list of 25 trendy jumbo box braids hairstyles will help you find the right style of braids for you. If you have other jumbo box braids hairstyles that you would like to see added to this list, please let us know!

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