[9+ Trending] Smiley Face Nails Designs that Looks Beautiful

We all want our nails to pop out and reflect a cool funky design like smiley face nails. So what’s the better way to show our nails happy personality than a smiley face nail art because they are very easy and the results look Fantastic smiley face nails art trend we need this year.

This season, smiley face nail arts are taking over with uplifting Shades like lime green, acid yellow, and hot pink. The nails with a smiley face are a seamless way to combine all the trends into wearable form and are easy to customizable with different shapes and shades.

The smiley face nails are serving up much joy in the time of spring.

So, let’s say hello to the smiley face nails.

What does the smiley face mean on nails?

The smile is the sign of positivity and the smiley-face nails are simple to create at home, you can DIY them by painting over small circle stickers with different details that allow you to create a manicure that is unique to you.

There are many inspirations you need to get started and prepare to smile whenever you look at your smiley face nails.

The smiley face nails is a joyful smorgasbord across the nails which guarantee to give you endless compliments on every occasion, pubs, and wherever you catch up.

The influencers are obsessed with the smiley face nail art and blend the trend down with different pastels and bright hues.

There are many choices in the smiley face nail art like black and white smiley faces, smiley face acrylic nails, happy/ sad smiley faces, Trippy smiley faces, and so on.

We know the fear which comes when we commit to nail designs, so to help on your Quest just read the readout the whole and whenever you go anywhere, you will have everyone to ask from where you got your nails done.

How do you do smiley nails?

There are so many nail designs and inspirations you want to recreate. so, first of all, you have to choose which design you want to create.

The method of doing smiley face nails art at home is so simple, just Grab a Bobby pin, toothpick or any specialized nail art tool for the desired Nail Art to be achieved, also get any color of nail polish and achieve the eyes then achieve the smile.

Let it dry, that’s all we have to do if we are creating nail art at home but there are many other options available to create the smiley face nail art.

smiley face nails
Smiley Face Nails

How do you make the Yellow Smiley Face Nails?

The Classic smiley face is the traditional take on trend which is the most wearable and features a nude base color with yellow smiley faces which will suit both eccentric styles are minimalists.

Yellow is the most common color if we talk about smiley faces whether it is a happy or a sad face. It’s not always about the smile, the part of feeling happy is knowing what it feels like to be sad thus you can nail art based on your mood on any day.

You don’t have to be a nail-art pro to be creative with your nails at home. What’s even better is.

They’ll appear like they were done by a pro! These easy nail art ideas will get you motivated to paint your nails in the comfort of your own homes, all you aspiring nail artists out there.


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What are the different Smiley Face Nails shapes?

Nails is not just square and round as the things around us are not just black and white. Different nail shapes are most requested in salons.

Let’s differentiate the shapes of nails:

1. Round Face Nail Shape

Round Face Nail Shape
Round Face Nail Shape

The round nail shape looks like straight sides with rounded edges which follow the curve of the cuticles.

People who prefer to keep their nails shorter, as well as want rounder cuticles, should go for this nail shape it’s also a good shape for people who wear contact lenses.

2. Oval Nail Shape

Oval Nail Shape
Oval Nail Shape

The oval shape nail looks similar to the round shape but the edges inward more and make the slimmer appearance of the nail overall.

People who have naturally narrow nail beds prefer to wear this shape well because it doesn’t require much filling on the sides to maintain the lock.

It’s also a go-to shape for people who favor short and round nails but trying to grow them out.

3. Square Shape Nail

Square Shape Nail
Square Shape Nail

There is no curvature at all in square nail shape. It has straight edges and squared-off corners with a flat edge.

This shape is good for the people who have naturally small nails and want to keep their nails short, also the people who have long and narrow nails want to make their nails appear shorter.

4. Squoval Nail Shape

Squoval Nail Shape
Squoval Nail Shape

The squoval nail shape is a mish-mosh of a square and oval. It is often thought of as the most universally flattering shape which has the same flat as a square shape and but the edges are rounded off.

People who prefer a squared but do not want to deal with the scratches and snaps often get it.

5. Almond Nail Shape

Almond Nail Shape
Almond Nail Shape

The name itself shows that it is like a nut. The almond nail shape is characterized by the pointed tip and slender sides. It is the nail strength that is more prone to breaking than others.

People who have brittle Nails and filling the tip to a less exaggerated point can help to keep them intact as well reinforcing them will acrylic.

6. Stiletto Nail Shape

Stiletto Nail Shape
Stiletto Nail Shape

The stiletto nail shape is very similar to the almond-shaped. The difference is that the edges curve is more and end at a sharp point.

People who get regular acrylic manicures as the spiky point and slender shape are prone to catching and breaking on things which is more of a statement shape than a practical one because it can be challenging to wear if your very hands are at home or work.

7. Coffin Nail Shape

Coffin Nail Shape
Coffin Nail Shape

The coffin nail shape is just similar to the stiletto nail in length but with a flat edge like a square shape.

People who want to have longer nails execute this to look properly it is a definite trendier look that was recently popularized in the mainstream by celebrities and inspired by Kylie Jenner.

8. Ballerina Nail Shape

Ballerina Nail Shape
Ballerina Nail Shape

The Ballerina nail shape is identical to the coffin shape with the corners rounded off slightly.

People who like coffin shape but do not want the sharp edges should go for this nail shape.

9. Lipstick Nail Shape

Lipstick Nail Shape
Lipstick Nail Shape

The lipstick nail shape is the sexiest mani of the season. It is slender and long like a ballerina shaped but it is filed at a diagonal slant on top like a fresh tube of lipstick with the topped shades of crimson.

This nail shape is popularised by Korean editorial nail artist Park Eun-Kyung.

It is best worn on long and strong extensions for people who are tired of their unusual nail shape.

10. Flare Nail Shape

Flare Nail Shape
Flare Nail Shape

The flare nail shape resembles duck feet with wider edges than the base. this shape can be short or long but with such a wide tip, it may be safer to keep them on the shorter side to prevent from Breaking of catching on things.

This shape is difficult to create and maintain on natural nails.

The smiley face nails are something to the viewers which shows good, happiness, positivity just like artificial nails.

Why are the Smiley Face Nails trending?
Why are the Smiley Face Nails trending

Nowadays, it is printed on almost everything whether it’s t-shirts, bumpers, stickers, or socks and now it is trending in nail arts.

The smiley face nails trend is coming out from the emotional fashion trend which is a great way to silently express your mood.

The celebrities like Harry Styles and dua lipa took off their designs which started trending on Pinterest.


What tools do you use for nail art design?

In order to create your own nail art designs, all you need are common home items and a little creativity. You’ll need things like toothpicks, scotch tape, sponges, cotton swabs, and plastic wrapping.

What is a popular nail art colour for 2022?

Pantone has named blue its colour of the year for 2022, and it’s been a popular choice for nail art this year.

What are five basic nail art designs a beginner should know?

If you’re looking for the most common kind of nail art, half-moons, polka dots and negative space are the most common.


Rita Ora, Gigi Hadid, and Zendaya are also a few of others who have shown their emotions on the nail design although there is endless inspiration on Instagram.

The smiley face nail art trend is everywhere whether it’s on Tik Tok, Instagram, or Pinterest.

Millennials And GenZ have more common in Tik Tok comments would have you believe.

So, to relegate your smiley face to your fingers and express your whole mood.

This article on the topic smiley face nails ends here.

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