[Cool 10+] Small Butterfly Hand Tattoo – Best Ideas in 2022


Small butterfly hand tattoos are becoming quite popular these days. They look beautiful, and they are also very affordable.

The designs are simple yet elegant, and their colours are bright and vibrant. This type of tattoo design looks great on both men and women.

It can be a perfect choice for someone looking to get a small tattoo that will not take much time or effort to complete.

There are many different types of small butterfly hand tattoos available today.

#1. Small Butterfly Hand Tattoo Red

small butterfly hand tattoo red

A tiny tattoo is the perfect bit of ink for your first tattoo or as an addition to your sleeve collection. Each of these delicate options is subtle and fragile, allowing you to use it wherever you like.

If you want to put it somewhere that is easy to hide, your hand or wrist are good choices. These are excellent choices for folks who appreciate delicate and small designs.

#2. Tiny Butterfly Tattoo on the Side of the Hand

tiny butterfly tattoo on the side of the hand

Recently, tiny tattoos have become very popular. Tiny tattoos are a great design choice for those looking to have something small and delicate done on any area of the body, mainly because they’re cute and discreet.

If you’re debating getting one, there are many different designs you can look at in terms of what kind of place you want them – such as behind your ear or around the bottom-side of your lower arm!

#3. Simple Butterfly Tattoo Hand

simple butterfly tattoo hand

A simple tattoo design may withstand the test of time, and those who see it understand the meaning behind it. It symbolises freedom and beauty, so why not design a style that reflects this concept?

Leave the wings blank, and allow the black ink to do the talking for you instead. This can be either enormous and ornate or tiny and delicate — the choice is yours.

#4. Small Butterfly Wrist Tattoo

small butterfly wrist tattoo

The inside wrist is an excellent location for your next tattoo. It is close to you all day and is the ideal canvas for displaying your next mark in bold.

It has many nerves close to the surface, making it quite sensitive but soft, which makes it one of the most painful areas for your next piece to be placed on.

To avoid adding a bit more pain – perhaps you should make sure that whatever design you choose will not be too prominent or noticeable. Because if it only wraps around your wrist, then no one will even notice.

Just make sure you do enough research beforehand so you know that it isn’t wasted on an area where hardly anyone will ever see it!


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#5. Semicolon Small Butterfly Tattoo on Hand

semicolon small butterfly tattoo on hand

When a butterfly and a semicolon are tattooed together, it symbolises power and tenacity, and the ability to overcome difficulties.

For individuals seeking a powerful reminder of their inner strength to meet the hardships of life as well as the potential to re-write their tale, this ink is an attractive option to consider.

Please choose a side picture of the insect and have the punctuation mark serve as the butterfly’s body to make it look more realistic. Because the wrist is one of the most dynamic spots on the body, it seems best there.

#6. Unique Small Hand Butterfly Tattoos

unique small hand butterfly tattoos

Why would you want to use the same ink as everyone else when you’re one in a million? The butterfly pattern represents something distinct to each individual who wears it, so personalise it by keeping it one-of-a-kind.

Make the insect’s wings into eyes, mix it with a bouquet, use a variety of sizes in one place, or use various colours in one arrangement.

Please consult with your tattoo artist before making any decisions. They will assist you in determining the best style for you to get.

#7. Cute Small Butterfly Finger Tattoo

cute small butterfly finger tattoo

Finger tattoos are trendy right now, and if you like tiny butterfly tattoos, this one is an excellent choice because it combines the two styles. The butterfly on the finger is relatively small, yet it is well suited.

Although many people have finger tattoos as ring replacements, the butterfly on this person’s finger was placed just above the ring space, giving it a distinctive and fashionable look.

#8. Modern Half-Butterfly Small Tattoo on Arm

modern half-butterfly small tattoo on arm

This is one of the latest tattoo designs, with a contemporary interpretation of the butterfly’s significance. A butterfly can signify various things to different people, depending on their point of view.

It might represent good luck, beauty, rebirth, and so on. This tattoo looks stunning on any body part, but the arm or shoulder is the best location for the most significant impact.

#9. 3D Butterfly Tattoo on Hand

3d butterfly tattoo on hand

Design that is both beautiful and entertaining! When a tattoo is placed on the hand, it has an excellent appearance no matter what kind of tattoo design it is.

#10. Heart with a Butterfly Hand Tattoo Small

heart with a butterfly hand tattoo small

A heart and a butterfly are two of the most beautiful symbols combined. These tattoos stand out from the crowd because they provide a solid statement to anybody who sees them and has a profound underlying significance for the individual getting tattooed.

Furthermore, they are a powerful and beautiful option for anyone, and they look lovely at any age. This type of design is frequently associated with tenderness and affection.

Moreover, you should get this tattoo if you want a basic tattoo that will send a powerful message to your friends and family members.

#11. Couple of Butterfly Tattoos on Hand

couple of butterfly tattoos on hand

The symbol of love is represented by two butterflies fluttering together. Allow the butterflies to flutter together and spread love in your own life as they do in the world.

You have the option of selecting the size and fine decoration that you like. Having it done on the inner side of the forearm will make it easier to conceal when necessary while also allowing you to show off when you want.


What does a butterfly tattoo mean?

Butterflies symbolise both change and new beginnings. They also represent growth, life and death, and the ability to change.

Due to the short life spans of butterflies and their ability to symbolise change, butterflies are symbolic of transformation and renewal.

One of the most common meanings of a butterfly tattoo on the hand is freedom, like a butterfly flying with wings.

Where is the best place to get a butterfly tattoo?

A butterfly is one of the most versatile tattoo ideas for women. You can get a butterfly tattoo almost anywhere on your body.

A butterfly tattoo is usually small, so it can be placed anywhere without taking up too much space on your body. Butterfly tattoos are also very feminine and make an excellent addition to existing tattoos, especially among women with many tattoos already.

Typical spots to place a butterfly tattoo are: behind the ear, on the neck, the wrist, the forearm, the lower back, and inside the arm.

Why are there so many people with butterfly tattoos?

In addition to being adaptable, beautiful, and feminine, butterflies make excellent butterfly tattoo designs for women of all ages.

They also symbolise change, which is a great way to communicate a trip or event that has had a role in shaping who you have become.


We are glad you enjoyed our post about small butterfly hand tattoos. We hope you can find one perfect for you and your style!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime. Thank you for reading.

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