Chola Gangster Makeup: Top 5+ Trending Easy Makeup Styles

Chola Gangster Makeup is a new trend, or is it something more permanent? Or is it a part of our common culture? Or, perhaps, there is more to it! You’ll learn more about Chola lifestyle and cosmetics towards the end of this post. Before “Lean Like A Cholo” hit the charts, Europeans arrived to the US and brought their Chola style with them. Chola-inspired cosmetics, including Chola eyebrows, heavy eyeliner, and Chola lips, are popular among Pop musicians and celebrities these days, including Nicki Minaj and Gwen Stefani. They had no idea, however, that this was just a demonstration and a campaign in support of people of colour.

Furthermore, the Chola Styles and Chola haircuts were more of a reflection of Mexicans breaking free of the discriminatory culture that they had been a part of for generations.

Chola culture’s origins and historical significance are explored in depth here.

What Do You Mean By Chola? Chola Gangster Makeup: Its History and Evolution

Chola Gangster Makeup: Its History and Evolution
Chola Gangster Makeup: Its History and Evolution

Think “Orange Is the New Black” actor Flocka from “Cholo or Cholas” to get an idea of what Cholo or Cholas looks like. However, the aesthetics and culture of the Cholas had a specific meaning and a vast history behind them.

Chola Gangster Makeup Word’s Origin

The word “Cholo” comes from the Nahuatl word “Xoloitzcuintli,” which means “Aztecs” in its original sense. A dog breed known as “Peruvian Hairless Dog” is referred to as “Xolo” in this context.

However, it was not something that people opted to do of their own will. A racial caste structure was erected by the Spaniards once they arrived in Latin America, with Spaniards at the pinnacle.

The indigenous and mixed native americans were referred to as “Cholos” at the bottom of the list.

When Pachucos Ruled the World

Racism has only become worse in the United States since we arrived there in the 1980s.

Pachuca” was a term for persons of Mexican heritage who represented Hispanic culture in the United States in the 1940s.

The majority of these folks lived in East Los Angeles and donned zoot suits as their Pachuca style.

Because of the devastation caused by World War Two, the United States was in a difficult position. During World War II, Pachuca women, or “Las Mujeres,” were noted for breaking the stereotype of a decent wife.

To protest against their forced absorption into the gender norms of American society, they formed gangs, donned zoot suits, and had enormous bouffant hairstyles.

Chola Gangster Makeup – The Next Generation

After a 1943 event in which cops targeted young Pachucos, Pachucos took to the streets in zoot suits to express their identity. Because of this, Chola culture developed out of Pachuco culture.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the Cholo, the offspring of Pachuco zoot suit culture, come into play. They were all distinct in terms of appearance and demeanour.

Tattoos were a way for Cholas to express their experiences. It was gangsta-chic meets jail-chic meets working class migrant wear as they donned their bandanas, Dickies, flannel, large hoops and tattoos.

They also equated lowriders and muscle automobiles with their mission.

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Different types of Chola Gangster Makeup Styles

Once we’ve learned how Chola gangster makeup began and how long the term itself has been around, it’s time to look at Chola clothes and Chola gangster makeup styles.

Chola gangster makeup and Chola style are a great representation of Mexican women’s feminism.

Glamourous Chola Gangster Makeup

Glamourous Chola Gangster Makeup
Glamourous Chola Gangster Makeup

Chola make-up has changed throughout the course of its long history, which means that it may take many distinct shapes. Women now days don this glossy style for events such as concerts and parties.

For this appearance, women use a softer arc to create Chola-style brows.

Braids and other chola hairstyles are great for enhancing a woman’s overall appearance.

Clown Chola Gangster Makeup

Clown Chola Gangster Makeup
Clown Chola Gangster Makeup

In terms of cosmetics, this is the newest and most Insta-worthy look. Using such innovative Chola makeup techniques, beauty influencers have raised the bar for traditional Chola gangster makeups.

This look is all about the chola brows, which are drawn thinly using an eyebrow pencil or eyeliner.

As a result of women’s unrestrained employment of the Chola Lips, this style is elevated to a new degree of beauty.

90s Chola Gangster Makeup

90s Chola Gangster Makeup
90s Chola Gangster Makeup

Whether it’s a bouffant or partially, 90s Chola style is still popular among women today. There is more of a charming Chola-style make-up look to it.

In order to resemble the Chola lips, women draw thin eyebrows and apply darker lipliner.

Mexican women’s quest for gender equality is not reflected in this aesthetic, which appears more like Chola makeup.

Mexican Chola Gangster Makeup

Mexican Chola Gangster Makeup
Mexican Chola Gangster Makeup

This makeup style is what I’d call authentic Chola makeup. This is due to the fact that Chola style’s accessories are an essential component.

There is an iconic Chola fashion that includes silvery grey and black eye makeup and arched eyebrows. Chola clothes include a bandana and large hoop earrings for women.

To get this effect, the lips must be glossy with a darker outside line and a lighter inner colour.

Halloween Chola Gangster Makeup

Halloween Chola Gangster Makeup
Halloween Chola Gangster Makeup

It’s no secret that social media has been awash with Halloween makeup trends. As a Halloween or clown makeup, chola has found its way into current society.

People go all out with the aesthetic inventions they make around their eyebrows and lips.

Chola fashion trends are mirrored in eye makeup.

Latina Chola Gangster Makeup

Latina Chola Gangster Makeup
Latina Chola Gangster Makeup

Chicano or Chola attire, as well as that gangster look! The costume parties are a great opportunity for people to show off their best appearance.

Like in the music videos for “Young Money” and “Nicki Minaj,” you’re likely to see a Latina gangster Cholo makeup look in hip hop, rap, and pop music.

The flank shirts and dickies trousers are an essential part of the design, even if the makeup is the same as traditional Chola gangster makeup.

The final touch to this look is a teardrop tattoo under each eye.

How to Apply Chola Gangster Makeup in a Step-by-Step Guide

In context of everything you’ve seen so far, you can see that the many Chola styles aren’t for everyone. Chola cosmetics and a Chola costume may be worn by those with the correct attitude and exuberant personality.

How to Apply Chola Gangster Makeup in a Step-by-Step Guide
How to Apply Chola Gangster Makeup in a Step-by-Step Guide

There are a number of ways to accomplish this goal.

Step 1: Applying Foundation

Too much foundation is a common feature of the Chola makeup style.

To begin, make the foundation conspicuous. Use a makeup sponge to apply and smooth the foundation evenly across your forehead, cheeks, and nose.

Invest in a long-lasting foundation to ensure a flawless appearance throughout the day.

Step 2: Chola Eyebrows

The delicately drawn Chola eyebrows are another distinctive feature of Chola Styles.

You can perform one of two things to achieve a flawless shape. Either trim your brows and fill in the gaps with a brow pencil or use a concealer stick and apply foundation over the top.

You may then use an eyeliner gel or an eyebrow pencil to create thin arched eyebrows.

Step 3: Chola Eye Makeup

Makeup will remain longer if you use an eye primer first. Apply eyeliner to the top lash line for a dramatic finish.

The lash line is the most important feature of the eye makeup look. Apply a silver eyeshadow to cover your whole eyelid.

Then, apply a black colour shade to the crease of your eyes and mix it in with silver.

For a larger look, curl your lashes and apply mascara over them.

Step 4: Chola Lips

Making chola lips is a breeze. To begin, dab a lip moisturiser on your lips.

The next step is to select a dark lip liner, such as a Chola lip liner in black, burgundy, or berry. Then draw a line around your mouth in that colour.

Lipstick that is one or two shades lighter than your lip liner should be applied to your lips before applying a dark lipstick.

Apply a coat of Chola lipstick and you’re ready to go.

Step 5: Wearing Chola Hairstyle and Accessories

In order to rock the Chola look, you’ll need a stylish hairdo and a few accoutrements.

Make your attire even more gorgeous by pairing it with an enormous bouffant hairdo and bandana-adorned earrings.

Furthermore, tattoos are significant to the Chola because they signify their cultural heritage.

Chola makeup is currently trending toward an under-eye teardrop tattoo.


What is Chola Makeup?

It’s all about the eyes and lips when it comes to Chola makeup, so you’ll need a nice eyeliner and either a light or dark lustrous lipstick. Make sure your lipstick doesn’t have a matte finish. In chola make-up, the most important thing is to have lips that are glossy and highly pouty.

What are Chola Eyebrows?

An false arch is added to Chola Makeup eyebrows, which are exceedingly thin and pencilled. As a result, there are two options: you may remove your eyebrows, or cover them up with foundation.

What does a Chola look like?

Chola style is frequently linked with wearing any combination of a long white T-shirt or tanktops, often worn beneath plaid shirts, baggy trousers, flat black shoes, long hair, spiky bangs, dark or thick eyeliner, and dark lipstick and lip liner.


A lengthy history of resistance to colonisation and cultural assimilation may be seen in Cholo culture and Chola style when we connect the connections.

As well as being an aesthetic choice, Chola makeup is a movement and an attitude. This Mexican Chola make-up looks stylish nowadays, but you should also be aware of its cultural and historical significance.

A slur originally intended to be used to disparage people of colour, the name “cholo” has come to represent a way of dressing, a way of thinking, and an entire way of life for these individuals.

This article on the topic chola gangster makeup ends here.

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